Address: 66 Cedar Creek Falls Rd

Located in Tamborine National Park, the Cedar Creek Falls area offers a secluded picnic area with plenty of grass for any leisurely activities. Public toilets are located near the carpark.

Then, head to either of the three waterfalls just 10 minutes walk away to cool down! This is definitely one of the more popular swimming holes that is easily accessible. The walk down to the swimming holes is sealed most of the way, but not accessible by wheelchair (stairs).

When walking down to the swimming hole, please take care and you’ll need to walk/climb over some rocks. Also take note of areas that you’re not allowed to walk into or climb on top of. There have been accidents at Cedar Creek Falls, mostly by people jumping off rocks into shallow water, or falling off cliff edges. So take care!

Access from Cedar Creek Falls Rd. Carpark space is limited and occasionally police or parking officials ticket the area, so park correctly. Sometimes, the private property opposite the carpark offers parking within their space, which is very convenient (Prices vary).