Aratula Markets Phone: 07 5463 8144
Address: 6744 Cunningham Highway, Aratula, 4309

Fruit, veggies and a whole lot more!

Aratula Markets is located at 6744 Cunningham Highway and is open 7 days a week. Warwick Farmers Market is running twice a week Wednesdays and Saturdays 6am – 12pm.

We provide locally grown and locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables. Aratula Markets includes fresh produce, dairy products, a deli line and convenience store. Also, you can find local items such as wine, honey, jams and sauces along with an array of boutiques and gift ideas.

The business is proud on providing quality products at reasonable prices.
Aratula and Warwick markets source the freshest produce from around Australia and on a seasonal basis in order to insure a fresh range of products.

The addition of live music on Sundays along with practical changes like paint and fridges, and a focus on local produce, resulted in the store being named Retailer of the Month by the Brisbane Produce Market.

Mr Vogler put down the quick success to his team of 11 local staff, including his wife.

“We have been blessed with good staff. We’ve been very fortunate with the quality of staff we have,” he said.

The store, which has been a feature at Aratula for years, is attempting to sell primarily produce grown in local districts.

“We try to bring in as much locally grown produce as possible,” Mr Vogler said.

“Whether it’s from Laidley or Stanthorpe or right here in the Scenic Rim, we’re lucky enough to have some of the best fruit and vegetables in the country grown very close to us. Local produce works out better for us, better for our customers and better for local farmers. It’s a great way to shop. We source what we can’t get locally from the Brisbane Markets.”