Phone: 5463 0109
Address: 6744 Cunningham Highway, Aratula

On the Cunningham Highway in the middle between Warwich and Brisbane falls the town of Aratula. Cunninghams Gap is located to the west of Aratula while Warril Creek is also very close by. The town is very scenic since it is a gateway to surrounding mountains and is tucked away in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. In the nearby Reynolds Creek there have been gemstones found including jasper, agate, chalcedony and petrified wood.

Aratula provides a rest stop for motorists to refuel and replenish. But we strongly encourage you to stray a little from the main centre to uncover some hidden jewels from the area.

One such gem is Aratula Traders, an exquisite shop with treasures from another era. Aratula Traders is packed to the rafters with rural memorabilia, antiques and curios.

Walking through Aratula Traders is as much about the experience as it is about the products. You will be transported to rural Australia with authentic textures, colours, and smells. Products range from the useful to the bizarre.

Situated in what used to be the town’s old garage (complete with smithy in the corner), this browser’s heaven could keep you occupied for hours. Make a day out of it and check out the large range of items for sale. Aratula Traders boasts a collection ranging from books to brass beds, saddles to sulkies, wagon wheels to cattle whips. Its a popular haunt for those seeking a touch of Australiana for their home or garden.

At Aratula Traders you can browse through antiques and collectibles. Big furniture pieces as well as finer china. Books, Gifts and all sorts of memorabilia are on display as well.

Your go to place for heritage collectables on the Scenic Rim.

Aratula Traders is located behind the fruit shop on Cunningham Highway, Aratula

Aratula Traders open from Thursday to Monday, 9am – 4pm.