Bamboo Down Under Phone: 0755302621
Address: 930 Tamborine-Oxenford Road, Wongawallan. Qld. 4210

Bamboo Down Under is Australias leading bamboo supplier, specialising in clumping bamboo. We are a professional and efficient nursery, providing consistently high quality stock. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and enthusiasm of our highly trained staff and are consistently praised by our customers for our outstanding customer service. We love all things bamboo here at Bamboo Down Under, from the plants, the hardwood products, the comfy bamboo socks and soap! The entire business and our love for bamboo all originated from Rick Warwick, the founder and director of Bamboo Down Under.
Rick’s passion for plants and fond childhood memories of bamboo inspired him to plant many bamboo varieties in his backyard for his own two daughters to enjoy. He came to learn that many people shared his love of bamboo, in particular the clumping varieties. He started inviting people to view his gardens and was inundated with visitors who couldn’t get enough of “all things bamboo”. He started the nursery at his home and when it was time to expand, he moved his family and business to the Gold Coast hinterland to set up shop. After only a few years the business was expanding so rapidly, it was neccesary to move the production and wholesale side to a secondary site!
Bamboo Down Under started as a simple family business that has expanded to be the leading suppliers of bamboo in Retail and Wholesale within Australia. Bamboo Down Under has been proudly awarded the “Best Specialist Garden Centre in Queensland” at the Nursery & Garden Industry Awards due to the enthusiasm, passion and professionalism of our customer service staff, the beautiful & educational gardens and our extensive range of quality bamboo species available.

Everyone is invited to visit our Wongawallan retail site and spend a day strolling through the Rainforest Walk, Enchanted Forest, Crazy Bamboo Maze, Meditation Garden and Bamboo Tunnel. A browse through our unique Giftshop is a must do, as it features an extensive range of bamboo products, buddhas and all things feng-shui. Our nursery features a large range of everyday garden plants and lots of more rare and interesting foliage plants, as well as all gardening products that you need!
And one could not possibly leave without visiting our extremely unique restroom for a little piece of bali style tranquility!