Canungra Pizza Phone: 07 5543 4455
Address: 28 Christie Street, Canungra

Canungra Pizza perfect for a night out.

What people said:

‘Others have mentioned wait times here but I didn’t experience that at all, pizza was in my hands in under 20 minutes.

The restaurant is quaint and can seat around 20 people, the decor is simple and the open kitchen allows the curious to see the magic that is usually behind the scenes.

With all that said, down to business; the Pizza.

Whilst being served in a deceptively simple and unassuming cardboard box, when I opened it my senses was greeted by the most delicious wafting and I knew immediately that I was in for something remarkable.

I wasn’t wrong, I had asked the server what he recommended and he had chosen the taco style with minced meat and guacamole and sweet chilli drizzled over the top.

Oh my Lordy, the flavour made my heart skip a beat and my eyes rolled back in pleasure so hard that my head tilted back, I had to steady myself and ride out the sensation while resisting the urge to completely devour in one greedy mouthful the slice in my hand!

There can be no mistaking, this pizza will be your best friend, a lover to your senses and a warm cushioning busom for your soul to melt into.

It will take any ideas you had about what good pizza is and annihilate them in the most delightful manner as the pizza makes your heart sing and changes your view on the world.

Be warned, this pizza can alter your reality and you may never look at another pizza the same way again.’