Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain is the shining jewel behind the Gold Coast. Full of lush rainforest, waterfalls and bush walks. Talk a day or 3 to explore and eat your way through this beautiful hinterland. Be sure to book your accommodation in advance as room space is limited – we recommend contacting businesses directly to arrange your stay. Tamborine Mountain is often referred to as the gateway to the Scenic Rim. Using our website is easy, just choose from a location above and then select what kind of activity you’d like to enjoy in that location. Find local markets, swimming holes, accommodation, cafes and restaurants, handy utilities and much much more. You can also check out some of our favourites by tapping on ‘tags’ when you see them. If you see a “top ten” tag, just tap/click it and we’ll show you our choice of favourites in the entire region. Our website is made for mobile, so you can discover the important places while on the move.

Best of Tamborine Mountain’s Unforgettable Experiences. Relax and Enjoy!

We recommend visiting the Experience Tamborine Mountain website. Here you can view and evaluate a great range of ‘Experience Packages’ that allow you to truly experience Tamborine Mountain and all that it has to offer.

You’ll never be lost for something to do on Tamborine Mountain! Popularly visited by over 1.3 million domestic and international visitors annually, the tourism industry on Mount Tamborine has put together a veritable wealth of activities to suit most people.

The Experience Tamborine Mountain website is great for ready-made ideas of what to do during your stay in your Tamborine Mountain accommodation.

With so many different attractions and experiences available why not extend your stay. Spend a couple more days on the Mountain and do as much or as little as you chose on the day!

Oh, and if you are looking at this page before booking your accommodation then why not check out the ‘best of the best’ accommodation options at Experience Tamborine Mountain that allow you to base yourself on the mountain at one of the fine accommodation houses whilst enjoying new and rewarding experiences on and off the mountain.

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