Darlington Park Phone: 55448120
Address: 2505 Kerry Rd, Beaudesert, Queensland 4285

Tucked away in the foothills of World Heritage-listed Lamington National Park, is a spot straight from a picture-book, Darlington Park. The area is part of South East Queensland’s beautiful Scenic Rim and is a great base from which to explore this unique and spectacular part of the world.

What people have to say:

We love camping. In fact, we love it so much we started our own camping group – Brisbane Family Camping. We find camping with a group of friends so much more exciting. The adults get to have a chin wag, and the kids have always got someone to play with. We really enjoy this location. It may not have showers but there is nothing to stop you from bringing your own solar shower. The kids have a creek to swim in, and the best feature and attraction, is the tree swing. It is a bit of a skill to learn to let go of the swing which you are above the water. The water is deep enough for adults and kids alike. Be aware that the kids have open slather on the tree swing of a day, so adults are usually left to swing late in the afternoon, due to the sheer number of kids who enjoy the swing. Fires are allowed on this site, and the park is very well maintained. There is a shop across the road where the managers reside. Gorgeous rainbow lorikeets are there in the afternoon to feed as well. Beaudesert is a short drive away as well. The downside is there is no direct debit to pay your fees, so make sure you take cash. They don’t appear to have internet either hence the cash payments required. Ice and wood can be bought, with the wood bought by the wheelbarrow load. A great time to gather around the fire, and invite your other camping neighbours over for a bit of a chat. We attended the event when someone had their 60th birthday there, with all the family congregating. We were able to share in the singing of the specially hired local singer for the event which was pretty awesome.’