Denham Falls Phone: (07) 5582 8211
Address: Denham Reserve, Doomben Ct & Doncaster Drive, Beechmont QLD 4211

Denham Falls is a scenic, beautiful area in Tambourine Mountain that will cater to any number of people looking to enjoy a peaceful session with nature. The luminous greens surrounding the path combined with the gentle sound of the Denham waterfall provides a calming and enjoyable experience to all visitors, young and old.

The Falls is somewhat closed however there are open spaces. Additionally, nearby there are huge open fields of luscious green grass to enjoy the sun in and partake in activities with families and friends, such as football or cricket.

Also great for hiking. The track is easy and very suitable for both children and adults, however there are some moderately steep inclines and declines, so always watch your children and take caution. As for weather, Denham Falls is generally lovely all year round, with trees providing shade for walkers. Denham Falls isn’t very windy, which allows visitors to enjoy the sunlight and spend time with their families and friends without having their hats blown off. However, due to the obliqueness of parts of the track, Denham Falls wouldn’t be suitable to be trekked on during rainfall.

The Falls is located in the Denham Reserve, close to the heart of Beechmont. It’s just under an hour’s drive away from the Gold Coast, at Doomben Court (Just past Doncaster Drive). This enclosed spot is far from any catering businesses, so a picnic rug and food wouldn’t be a bad idea too.

All visitors have left positive reviews, leaving glowing comments regarding how well Denham Falls is maintained, how easy the track is, and how beautiful Denham Falls is. Pack a few things, some water, your hiking shoes, some snacks and whatever pleases you. Drive up to enjoy a relaxing stroll through a truly amazing place of nature, Denham Falls.