Earthy Delights Phone: 07 5543 5954
Address: 32 Christie Street, Canungra, Queensland 4275

We are a fresh and healthy cafe using as many organic and locally sourced products as possible; all our baked goods are made fresh in the shop.

What people had to say:

‘Have the Big Brekkie. Or have the Bigger Brekkie(any time of day). It won’t be what you’re used to — it’ll be better. Canungra is a tourist town with a number of cafes along the main road through it. They’re all good, but in most of them the food is traditional, bacon, eggs and sausage fare. Earthy Delights is different. If I say it’s organic and vegetarian you’ll get entirely the wrong idea. But it is, and it’s not like you think. The owners and staff are great (juggling a young family and a busy restaurant/cafe) and their food is creative, healthy and Delicious (with a capital D). The car park is not immediately obvious, but they have one — it’s beyond the restaurant as you pass if you’re travelling east (that is, on the same side of the road as the restaurant)’