Gallery Works Phone: 0755454590
Address: 1 Bartle Road, Mt Tamborine, QLD, 4272

Gallery Works is an independent online art gallery and working art studio established by resident artist Richard Roper on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland Australia in 2010.

All original mixed media paintings by Richard Roper are displayed with external frame sizes and prices in Australian dollars (AUD$).

Several internationally recognised Australian artists including Charles Blackman, David Boyd, Frank Hodgkinson and Liz Caffin are also represented at Gallery Works.

If you would like to enquire about, or purchase and arrange delivery of any of the works displayed please email Richard at Gallery Works. Most paintings under 105 Cm square can be delivered worldwide by Australia Post registered and insured at very reasonable prices.

Richard was born at Wentworth NSW Australia and grew up with three sisters on a property on the Darling River called Tara. He was taught to draw as a child by aboriginal children using layers of wet clay on the banks of the river. Drawing and painting became a lifelong interest as a way of expressing ideas, dreams and memories.

He won a scholarship to the University of Melbourne in 1970 where he completed undergraduate degrees in Psychology, Fine Arts and postgraduate degrees in the health sciences followed by more recent studies at the University of Ballarat including Visual Arts.

His employment includes lecturing for several years at the University of Melbourne, clinical work and research at the National Acoustic Laboratories, teaching at the Department of Otolaryngology, Royal Victorian Eye & Ear, Royal Children’s Hospital, and Ballarat Health Services. Richard established Australia’s first newborn hearing screening program in seven Victorian maternity wards in 1997, and set up several hearing clinics throughout Melbourne and rural Victoria.

Richard moved to Tamborine Mountain Queensland Australia with his family in 2008 and built an Art Gallery and his studio at 1 Bartle Road Mount Tamborine. His techniques and paintings with watercolour and ink, developed and refined over forty years, are mainly influenced by his childhood experience with the First Australians and their history, belief systems and sophisticated culture that developed over more than 50,000 years.