Address: 139 Long Road, Eagle Heights, QLD, 4271

Relax on Granny Mac’s verandah and enjoy pies, soups, scones, pancakes and cakes with a tea or coffee from its charming cafe. Inside, you will find over fifty varieties of their famous mouth watering fudge made on the premises. The store also specialises in delicious English and Dutch confectionery from Liquorice Allsorts and sour lollies to salted liquorice. Granny Macs Fudge Store is located on Gallery Walk on Tamborine Mountain.

Granny Mac’s famous fudge comes in many flavours. Before buying the fudge, you can taste as many as you like to choose your favourites. Granny Macs supply a range of bonbonnieres for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events or any other special events. Choose from a selection of boxes which they can wrap your fudge in, to make it even more special for the person you are giving it to.

Inside the store there is a wide assortment of macadamias; raw, roasted and salted, with a variety of flavours. Granny Macs Fudge Store stock a variety of specialty lollies that you cannot buy in any regular supermarket. There is also a range of sugar and gluten free lollies, if you are watching your diet, so no one needs to miss out. Choose from their large selection of ice cream flavours to suit every member of the family.

After browsing the store, feel free to order something from the cafe. While waiting for your order, take a look at the gifts and souvenirs to remember the place by, or to take back to friends and family.

If you are unable to visit Granny Mac’s fudge store in person, you can order some of their delicious fudge online from their website ( A fudge list is provided to help you choose, then fill out the form and email it to them, and they’ll take care of the rest.