Address: Killarney Glen Waterfalls

Killarney Glen is closed til further notice. Sadly, someone died at these amazing pools recently and local authorities are now investigating the safety and ongoing management of the area. We’ll let you know as soon as this changes!


Killarney Glen heart shaped natural swimming pools will take your breath away. This pristine water hole can get pretty busy, so we recommend an early morning dip – or maybe mid-week, when it’s a bit quieter to enjoy to yourself. Just off Beechmont Road, between Beechmont and Canungra. A street sign marks where the 2.5km walk to Killarney Glen starts.
Be sure to take your walking shoes – although not too far a walk, for some reason it feels longer. If you’re taking a sandwich, make sure to take your rubbish with you on your way out.

Killarney Glen used to be private property, and was donated/shared by the owning family. If you’re keen for a quiet swim, take the fork to the left… it will take you to a quiet pool for a relaxing dip amongst a natural riverside landscape. You can access the heart shaped pools from this section, though you’ll need to clamber over some rocks and swim upstream for a bit. The heart shaped pools are to the right when walking down, and difficult to approach, unless you like jumping off a 3-4 metre rock face into the swirling waters below. Also be aware that a slight flowing creek at the top feeds a small waterfall into the pools and while crossing the creek, be very careful as this can be slippery.

Parking can sometime be an issue especially on busy weekends or holidays… if it’s too full, park carefully (not on the highway!) or take a drive further along to road to Lips Falls.

This location doesn’t have toilets or BBQ facilities. Take your time, pack drinking water and enjoy (and whatever you do, take the easier route : the steep one is ridiculous!)