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Address: 97 Main Western Rd, Mt Tamborine QLD 4272

Step back in time at Odd & Olde Antiques as you browse a range of beautiful items; from 200 year old antiques to affordable newer pieces. Whether you love Victorian and Edwardian furniture or English porcelain and China, every piece at Odd n Olde Antiques has been selected for its attractiveness, rarity or history.

So you want to buy an antique

The number one reason to buy is because you like it.  Don’t be sold on a particular item unless you really want to live with it

Looking to the past helps to put an item into context.  Although the style of an antique is not bound by the reigning monarch at the time, this helps understand the mood and outside influences that helped style each reign.   Get to know the era’s and what you are purchasing

Make sure a detailed receipt accompanies the purchase of your antique piece.  The Australian Customs Service recognizes an antique as being one hundred years old

Look for antiques that have not been substantially altered or restored.  Minor restoration is fine, it is almost expected, but if not if more than 80 per cent is original then it is not what it once was

In the UK, pieces with original patina will fetch two to three times the price of a repolished piece

Authenticity is paramount to investment potential.  A top quality piece will retain its value, so it is always better to buy one really good piece per year and go for true quality, rather than a number of smaller fully restored pieces

At Odd n Olde antiques, we can advise you where and when each piece was made and generally by whom.   We invite you to browse our range at our Mount Tamborine store.

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