Address: Palm Grove Avenue, North Tamborine

2.6km circuit (Allow 1 hour) Easy grade. Piccabeen palm groves and rainforest with emergent strangler figs and distinctively buttressed yellow carabeens feature on this walk. Palm Grove Avenue is the main access point and carpark for this track. Parking for buses and caravans is not available.

A beautiful quick walk if you complete the short loop. And a lovely stroll to relax the senses if you take the long route. Enjoy the decent from the top canopy of the trees, down into the cool lower walk of the palm trees.

Be sure to check the maps as you’re walking. Many a weekends we’ve forgotten to pay attention to where we are and discover we’re about to embark on a much bigger bushwalking than we planned for.

As always, it’s a great idea to wear good walking shoes, take a bottle of water and wear sunscreen and insect repellent. Enjoy the walk with friends and family, or take an hour away from the noise of life and destress on a beautifully selfish bushwalking.

The bushwalk starts (and finishes) with a stunning view of the Gold Coast. Iconic places along the walk include a huge tree that fell during the last great storms (around 8 years ago). As the tree fell through the walk, it has been cut to allow access and has created a special place worthy of note.