Phone: (07) 5463 0412
Address: 1 Mulholland Road Mount Alford QLD 4310

Scenic Rim Brewery & Cafe is a small family owned, Australian brewery from southeast Queenslands Scenic Rim region. As the name suggests, the Scenic Rim is known for its natural assets. With fresh air, clear water and natural ingredients, we cant think of a better place to brew beer.

We’ve created our beers to celebrate the place and people who we love. Their story is our story and like all things country, they’re best shared over a couple of cold ones and a bite to eat.

Our beers have been developed to quench more than your thirst. The dedication of our craft brewer combined with the best ingredients, ensures an all round sensory experience  after all, we have five senses and only one thirst.

Diggas Pale Ale

Digga stands for Aussie mateship. He’ll stick by his mates whether he’s fighting in the trenches or working the mines. He’s a larrikin just like yourself, who should spend less time reading and realise its your shout Digga!

Throughout history, many pale ales have defined the Australian beer drinking culture. This brew pays homage to our forefathers who worked and fought hard to build this country, let alone their thirst.

Digga’s Pale Ale is brewed with a unique blend of hops and a fruity yeast to give it a spicy yet nostalgic flavour. Just like Digga, this beer has the taste and character of a bygone era.

Best served in a tall glass.

Fat Man Maroon Ale

Fat Man stands for Aussie spirit. The type of spirit that can only be witnessed during a State of Origin game when a front rower puts his head down, goes forward and gets the job done. He’s a larrikin just like yourself, so head down and go forward, cause it’s your shout Fat Man! He might be an Aussie but the Irish roots of this red ale shine on through. Being Queenslanders, we believe it to have a more maroon hue hence the aptly named Maroon Ale.

Our milder variety of hops will leave behind a slight bitter taste, but we promise it’ll be nothing like what a New South Welshman experiences after frequent losses. You can’t lose with Fat Man!

Best served in a tall glass.