Templin Historical Village Phone: 5463 1970
Address: Templin Historic Village, Boondah-Fassifern Rd, Templin, QLD, 4310

Templin Historic Village is on the Boondah-Fassifern Rd in the Scenic Rim, and is a great opportunity to view nostalgic memorabilia and antiques in an old-time setting amongst picturesque rural Queensland.

The Village is an authentic step back in time and a chance to view life the way it was once lived by the original settlers in Queensland.

SITTING on 10 acres just outside of Boonah is a hidden treasure trove showcasing the area’s diverse history – and it’s not just for looking at.

Fassifern District Historical Society members at Templin Historical Village have created a diverse collection which allows visitors to step back in time and see what life was like for their ancestors.

Instead of being torn down or simply destroyed, volunteers at Templin Historical Village have saved 16 old buildings dating back to the 1800s, ranging from the mud huts of early settlers and CWA buildings to Telecom exchanges and school buildings.

Each building is filled with historical pieces relating to a specific theme such as military history or fashion through the generations.

Fassifern District Historical Society secretary Karen Douglas said plenty of the area’s old machinery on display at the site was still in working order.

“We have a wind turbine from 1923 out front that still works. It powers the old Telecom phone exchange which we use to connect the phones in our buildings,” she said.

“We’ve got fully operational blacksmithing equipment and host regular blacksmith workshops.

“We also have our Fashion House with more than 3500 items. It’s the largest textile collection outside of Brisbane.”

The Templin site has its own interesting history. It began as one of the Scenic Rim’s first schools and was decommissioned in 1974.

Education Queensland gifted the land to the council who decided it should be used to house a historical park.

Templin Historical Village opened a year later in 1975.

“A lot of the original families still live in the area,” Ms Douglas said.

“People are constantly bringing in donations and we put them to good use.”

Templin volunteer Iris Skinner said Templin Historical Village had one of the most diverse historic collections in the country with items ranging from the 1880s to today.

“We can’t move forward without learning from the past,” she said.

“Even yesterday is history so it’s so important we preserve that for future generations.

“Our collection is so eclectic there is something for everyone. Often we say husbands have to be dragged in but by the end they enjoy it so much they have to be dragged out. People enjoy the nostalgia of it.”

Templin Historical Village is located on Boonah-Fassifern Road and is open to the public on Sundays from 9.30am-3.30pm.

Source: QT