The Knoll Address: Knoll Rd, North Tamborine

The Knoll section of the Tamborine National Park is located in the north-west of North Tamborine. It contains the Cameron Falls Circuit (3 km, so leave about one hour to complete) which offers fine views of the Mountain’s iconic rainforest, as well as the occasional wildlife. Knoll Road runs off Main Street where there is plenty of cafes and restaurants to visit if you’re feeling like something to eat or drink after the walk.

There are plenty of parking spaces for safe, easy access to The Knoll. There are two push button, gas operated BBQs and five timber bench picnic settings to make your picnic experience with friends and family even better.

Feel free to visit the lookout at The Knoll and take in the magnificent views of Tamborine Mountain and out towards Brisbane. Stay until sunset to experience the beautiful orange sky on the horizon.

On the odd occasion, it’s also amazing to take a night walk through this great bushwalking. Be sure to take a good torch, hiking boots and be very careful walking in the dark. Glow worms, fireflies and some pretty colourful frogs frequent the area so you’ll have plenty of things to see.