Tullawallal Circuit Address: 1069 Binna Burra Road Beechmont, Queensland 4211, Australia

Location: Near Binna Burra Mountain Lodge (1069 Binna Burra Road
Beechmont, Queensland 4211, Australia)

This Beginner/Intermediate track is a 5km return trip that will take about an hour and a half. This track begins after you follow the Border Track for 1.9km, branch right at the track junction and follow a short sidetrack to the Circuit.

This track is the easiest cool temperature rainforest walk to access from binna burra.

The Tullawallal circuit is located within Binna Burra section of Lamington National Park. Lush rainforests, ancient trees, spectacular views, walking tracks, ecological importance and natural beauty make this Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area an outstanding place to visit.

Tullawallal circuit is a five-kilometre return track of a moderate grade. Visit the most accessible cool temperate rainforest in Lamington and the closest patch of this forest type to Binna Burra. From the trailhead follow take the Border Track for 1.9-kilometres, then branch right at the track junction onto Tullawallal circuit and follow a short sidetrack to Tullawallal. The pocket of Antarctic beech Nothofagus moorei on the summit is the northernmost location of this species in Australia and is one of the remaining links with the ancient forests of Gondwana. Nothofagus forests were once widespread across Australia and provided a habitat for many animals that have long since disappeared.

From Tullawallal, return to the track junction, turn right and continue along the Loop track back to the car park. Allow one-and-a-half hours for this walk.

The Tullawallal circuit track is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Please note that this map only shows an indicative start point for the walk. The track route and end point are not shown and this map cannot be used for navigation purposes. Please see the Queensland National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing web site for detailed maps and the latest park information, including opening hours and safety messages. When you are in the park, make sure you refer to signs at the start of the track for more information.