Address: Binna Burra Mountain Lodge

Yarrabilgong Falls, perhaps better known as the “other” waterfall in the Coomera Gorge in Lamington National Park, this 150 metre drop is spectacular in it’s own right.

Area: Main Border Track
Distance: 17.5km return
Time: 5 – 8 hours
Difficulty: 1/5 easy

After leaving the Coomera Seat Junction, the track winds down the Beechmont Range and into the Coomera Valley itself. It passes through dense rainforest with occasional small creeks crossing the track as the lower slopes are reached. There are some very interesting ti-tree thickets on the way down to the main falls as well as large stands of eucalypt and brush box. Near the main falls, the very beautiful Yarrabilgong Falls cascade directly into the gorge from the opposite cliffs. The main falls are spectacular in the wet season and fill the gorge with mist and spray. The track now follows beside the Coomera Crevice, a very deep cleft with its own waterfall (Gwongorbulli Falls) at the back of the crevice. After reaching the first crossing, the track now winds up the gorge past a lovely selection of waterfalls until the last, Goorawa Falls, is reached. The blue and white spiny Lamington Crayfish is sometimes seen in the pools, but is often seen walking on these tracks near the water during wet weather. At the top of the valley, the Coomera Circuit Track joins the Main Border Track at the foot of Mt Hobwee and the walker can then use this track either to return to Binna Burra or continue to O’Reilly’s. This track should not be attempted if the Coomera River is in flood – if the water is higher than knee level, a crossing should not be attempted.

Discover access points to the walk via Binna Burra Lodge.